Customized Service

Since her founding, Jiahe has always been forging ahead. Our creative team, having become mature after years of hardships, has extended our business from decorative industry to performance art industry and then to intelligent industry. Every breakthrough in an industry has been made through our relentless pursuit for innovation and every breakthrough in a project has been made through extremely strict requirements for ourselves.

Jiahe staff are well aware that "being unique" is the core and lifeline of each customized service!

bCovering three fields

Customized service in comprehensive planning of cultural and tourism performance.


Customized service in creative R&D of mechanical art.


Customized service in transboundary integration of intelligent technology.

cCreating value for customers

Relying on the creativity of R&D personnel and the support from a strong cultural and artistic team, Jiahe has developed a whole set of services from project innovation to perfect presentation so as to fully express the unique property of the project and create value for customers.