aExpecting outstanding talents
(1)Jiahe is keenly aware that

talents are the root of e development of a company.

We have always adhered to the principle of following no set form and judging a person merely by his capacity in our talent recruitment.

In our company, you will get promoted and entrusted with an important post as long as you have outstanding abilities regardless of your status. We have always ensured that excellent talents can stand out!


Selection and cultivation of talents is one of our central work. 
Once you are enrolled, we will guide you through all the rules, structures and systems of our enterprise so as to enable you to integrate with the corporate culture as soon as possible. 
In addition, we will keep track of your working and living conditions to ensure you take your roles smoothly.


We will continue to provide a platform matching your ability and coordinate with and contribute to your personal development. Our experienced tutors will work and grow together with you.
If you are innovative in management, marketing, or technology, we will help you make your career development plans at a higher level through our staff career management system and auxiliary mechanism to ensure that you find the field most appropriate for you. 
We will provide various training and learning opportunities both at home and abroad to bring your talents into full play. 
We will give full support for your in-service education in relevant majors to your post, and for those qualified staff members for in-service education, we will provide financial aid to help you pursue a further degree after you accomplish your studies.


We have developed a highly growing salary system, a fair and transparent performance evaluation system, and a sound welfare system–five insurances and one fund (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund), double pay for end-of-year work, holiday benefher, regular physical examination and annual leave system.
We will give support to ensure that you work effectively through various means, such as promotion, bonus, honors and commendation. In addition, an employee equity incentive plan is under discussion and development. 
Jiahe in Chinese implies that “Family harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking”. We are looking forward to coming across you, who share the same interests and aspirations with us, in the crowd. Welcome to join our company! Let’s work together for the integrated development of culture and technology!