Spirit of Special Troops
Honest and trustworthy spirit of seeking truth
Jiahe always adhere to the corporate image of "treat each other with sincerity and serve with good faith", maintain a healthy and upward mental outlook, and be honest, trustworthy and realistic in our work.
Dedication spirit of hard struggle

Dedication is giving without return. Dedication is a forgetful and selfless spirit.

Jiahe's dedication refers to:

  • 1、As an individual, we should devote ourselves to our work, and don't care too much about personal gains and losses;
  • 2、As a company, we should dedicate better works to customers, make them more satisfied and pursue excellence. On the balance of artistic presentation and economic benefits, Jiahe will not hesitate to choose the former
Team spirit of unity and cooperation

The members of Jiahe are ordinary people. If ordinary people want to do ordinary things, they need a very united team. Jiahe has always been a team that unites with each other and can give full play to amazing energy. It is because of such unity, common faith and family friendly team, can family and everything!

Professional spirit of continuous improvement

With the spirit of continuous improvement and dedication, employees should have the following qualities besides love and dedication:

  • 1、Establish the sense of responsibility of the master;
  • 2、Strive to do a dedicated line, and strive to become an expert in the industry;
  • 3、Have the spirit of professional exploration, while exploring the personal professional ability to the extreme.
    Because of the spirit of striving for perfection, Jiahe people can present the works of perfect combination of machinery and art to the audience through continuous exploration and improvement.
The spirit of innovation

To be innovative, we need to do the following:

  • 1、Dare to do it;
  • 2、Try to do it;
  • 3、To know in doing;
  • 4、To doubt everything we known.

Because of the special nature of Jiahe's work, it hardly makes copies. Every project is an innovation. Without the innovative spirit of bravely climbing the peak, Jiahe can't achieve the pioneering work again and again.

The brave are fearless and the wise are invincible. Jiahe will continue to innovate to "climb" every peak.

The spirit of Jiahe special forces is the spirit of Jiahe inherited by generations!