About Jiahe
aJiahe,the best partner!

Jiahe in Chinese implies that"Family harmony is the basis for success in any undertaking".


Twenty years to sharpen a sword! From the ignorance of entering the industry to the formation of a unique core competitiveness, Jiahe has found its own blue ocean in the competitive market - exploring the endless mystery of mechanical art!

Today, with years of "wisdom", Jiahe takes part in the front and back of the stage of space design, explores the dream of being outstanding, and contributes to the world of culture and art.


Jiahe,the best partner!

bBrand vision

Jiahe with Tangram as the company's logo, Tangram represents dexterity and wisdom, with a variety of characteristics, which is the unique quality and connotation of Jiahe.

The bright and lively orange highlights the full and enthusiastic spirit of Jiahe people;

The cool blue triangle is connected with words, symbolizing Jiahe's wise and steady working style.

The channel between the plates is like the divergent thinking and mature technology of Jiahe people, condensing wisdom and creating value for customers.