Core idea
Self improvement, good as water

Unremitting Self-improvement


The original sentence of the book of changes is: Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement.

We need Jiahe people to be independent, resolute, hardworking and never stop.

Great Virtue Is Like Water 


《Tao Te Ching》, the original sentence is: the best is like water. Water is good at benefiting all things but not fighting. It is evil of all people, so it is better than Tao.

It is necessary for a good person to be as good as water in character, and not strive for fame and wealth (humility, benevolence and altruism).

Happy work,happy life

Happy work:
1. Find happiness in the work and make the work effective through happy mood;
2. Build a harmonious and mutual help team to make team members more happy and harmonious at work.

Happy life:
1. Employees need to manage their families well and live a happy life in order to work hard and work happily
2. The trade union of the company will pay more and more attention to the quality of life of Jiahe people and seek greater benefits for employees!


Create value for customers

It is the root of the company's survival and development;
Company and customers are mutually beneficial, symbiotic win-win, common growth relationship.
Creating value for customers is also creating value for ourselves.

Create value for customers
Understand the needs, emotions and wishes of customers, save money and create returns for customers with high-quality service and smart creativity, customize "appropriate" products and services, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer first principle

Customers > employees > shareholders
Jiahe's "customer first principle" contains the dual connotation of "perfect customer service and endless pursuit of quality", striving to seek development for the enterprise with high-quality service and product quality.

The key for enterprises to grasp the competitive advantage is as follows:
Can we provide satisfied high quality products and services for customers
Can effective quality management be implemented

The charm of communication machinery

Jiahe starts from the complex mechanical work, and through colorful art exhibition, makes the original boring mechanical movement flexible and interesting, showing unique vitality and aesthetic feeling!

Jiahe's mission is to spread the charm of machinery, and strive to show more exquisite works of machinery and art to the world!

Creating and enlightening the future

Jiahe hopes to create a mechanical art paradise with the courage to innovate and create by hand, so that children can gain wisdom from experience. It will become a spiritual paradise for mechanical craftsmen and artists!
Jiahe also hopes that it can become a place where emotions gather, and create a pure land for the return of humanity and emotion in today's society with money and material as the mainstream.