Investment Service
aThe Field of Cultural and Tourism Performance

Jiahe has immersed herelf in the field of cultural and tourism performance for many years, from important national cultural and artistic performances to top-quality projects of tourism performance. In this process, Jiahe has accumulated rich experience in artistic performance, space changes and creative presentation, artistically tackled one after another problem in venues, time and techniques and forged a deep friendship with many renowned directors at home and abroad.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of the cultural and tourist market, Jiahe hopes to join hands with decision makers in the cultural and tourism team and perfectly combine creative and executive power to create innovative and unique dynamic visual art style. What is more, by closely combining culture and science and technology, Jiahe has embarked on her journey of glory on the fast cultural and tourism train heading for national rejuvenation.

bThe Field of Future Science and Technology

With the development of productive forces, the domestic market has increasingly high demand for and requirements of talents.

Having undergone the COVID-19 epidemic, China is sure to make great strides forward on the road of whole-process manufacturing. The whole society needs not only talents with creativity but also transboundary talents with a fine sense of artistic beauty and good executive ability. This happens to coincide with the dream that Jiahe has always held and has been striving for.


The field of future science and technology envisioned by Jiahe will rely on mechanical, digital and intelligent technologies, involving or covering the development of adolescents’ abilities to innovate, appreciate beauty, experience, exercise and operate. We aim to link creativity, learning ability and practical ability together to form a second classroom supplementary to national education so as to foster a highly competitive future generation with our joint efforts.